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Susannah was interviewed for ArtQuench: 

In speaking with Susannah I found a bright, intuitive and sensitive person who has learned many lessons on her journey and is incorporating the understanding of those lessons into her music. 

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the eden magazine

Susannah was the cover story for the June 2018 edition of Eden Magazine:

I write a lot of songs about inner soul-searching and spiritual concepts like forgiveness, conscious choices, and gratitude. 

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women fitness

For Women Fitness, Susannah talked about channeling her music to stay healthy and fit:

I created these songs to be uplifting and positive and even somewhat spiritual, in an “Oprah-friendly” kind of way.

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Listen to Far More


“What makes this artist so special to me, is the way she showcases her pleasant vocals. Susannah B’s new album ‘Far More’ has an added value due to its unique and eclectic instrumentation. In practice, this makes it difficult to classify her tunes in a specific genre. Furthermore, this album reveals her chameleonic abilities. Her delicate singing voice could hypnotize you on tracks like “I Am Here” and “Spirits In The Material World,” while on the other hand, I like the enthusiasm she brings in “I Just Want To Celebrate.” Without even pausing to question, she is vamping up her vocals like no other, and carrying the female empowerment message. Therefore, turning out to be very contemporary.”Electrowow

“Music just doesn’t get any more moving than Susannah B’s bewitching sound. I’ve dabbled in pretty much every genre under the sun and I’ve never found a musician that’s essence is this uplifting, it’s almost chilling.” —A&R Factory