LetsPretalbum cover.jpg

Let's Pretend

by Susannah Blinkoff

"Susannah Blinkoff's 'Let's Pretend' is a standard strived for by most indie songwriters...it latches onto you in the most unexpected ways, grabs hold and shakes you. Her sweet voice ranges from seductive to touching the heart and transforms effortlessly...subtly charismatic and layered. An excellent blend of tracks that doesn't repeat itself."

"Susannah Blinkoff's CD is like a great book on a rainy day...excellent writing...poetic, thought-provoking, compelling lyrics and crystal clear vocals...a definite pick-me-up. The songs are catchy, but not in a bubble-gum pop way...(they're) about real people and real things - the stuff we have to go through to find out who we are and what we should be doing."

"Let's Pretend" is a rock-pop album bright with energy & sweet rhythms, led by a female voice that takes you prisoner for the length of the recording. A great and versatile talent, Susannah nearly covers the extent of genres all in one album and leaves you feeling there is yet so much more to discover with her. The sky is the limit for someone with so much crossover ability."

"The songwriting is simply outstanding and Susannah has a beautiful voice...I hope 'Let's Pretend' receives the radio airplay that it deserves, as it is a very strong and adult effort. Listeners will be able to relate to and appreciate the quality songwriting and enjoy Susannah's wonderful, heartfelt singing. The incredibly intimate lyrics hit very close to home for me a number of times throughout this CD and make me want to listen over and over again, which is not something I can say about many new music releases."

"A very well done album, really cool...(as) if Lisa Loeb and Susanna Hoffs had a child together...with spices of Jann Arden, Shawn Colvin and Aimee Mann...there we have Susannah and her music, up there in the same division. Great stuff."

produced by rich jacques

all songs written by susannah blinkoff & rich jacques

“the storm is passing over” written by charles a. tindley

all songs mixed by rich jacques

“my time now” & “be all right” mixed by brian yaskulka

photography by renee faia