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Happy Today

by Camp Susannah

"Susannah is one of those artists that doesn't come along too often. (Her) voice is warm and charming in the vein of Dido and Lisa Loeb, with the meaningful songwriting of artists like Emmylou Harris. Fans of intelligent rock with a touch of pop will find this release very enjoyable...she sings with a grace and ease that is rarely seen...writing songs that are too good to be called pop music. Fans of ethereal rock that is fun & light while firmly based in reality will enjoy this CD. "

"This disc is like a breath of fresh air -- the bright, clear voice of Susannah Blinkoff, though she can make it sexy and sultry in a heartbeat, the stellar playing by a great band, and just some great, overall grooving music...A beautiful disc from start to finish."

"Camp actually Susannah Blinkoff, a talented vocalist with a penchant for poignant lyrics and stellar backing musicianship to bring it home to the heart. This woman has a tremendous voice...the music is a polished brand of rock and pop with interesting alternative twists and turns. Sometimes it sounds like something you would hear blasting out of the speakers at an all-night dance club and then again, something you would hear up and down your radio dial...the perfect package."

"The sometimes jazzy Sade-style of Susannah's vocal phrasing is superb and also catchy and flavored with an intimacy that's a hook on it's own. A combination of Latin rhythms and techno-synth stylings blend well with the many diverse sounds on each track. Very creative production! Norah Jones-ey with more vocal energy, the entire CD is lyrically rich and flourishing with originality."

"A very charming CD...this mostly uptempo pop record and Blinkoff's all-star band really makes this album sparkle. As far as Susannah goes, she has a very strong sense of songwriting and just about any song would do well on the radio if given half the chance.....a smart, well crafted effort here. Recommended!"

"With a mysterious, semi-sultry vibe, this New York native sounds reminiscent of Leah Morgan, Delirium or Frou Frou. Susannah Blinkoff, the female vixen with the sweet, sexy voice leads the way throughout the album that contains an industrial, jazzy sound. Blinkoff is a vivid songwriter...This is a great album...low-key and chill with enough meaning in the song lyrics to hold intellectual interest."

CAMP SUSANNAH is singer-songwriter Susannah Blinkoff's band and features musicians David Sutton (Liz Phair, Tracy Chapman, Lucinda Williams), John Ballinger (Rufus Wainwright), Scott Breadman (Macy Gray), Darren Embry (Jonatha Brook), and Ray McNamara (E of the Eels). 

“way ok (remix)” music by susannah blinkoff & ray mcnamara, lyrics by susannah; produced by andy hay

“secrets & lies” music by susannah blinkoff & john ballinger, lyrics by susannah; produced by john ballinger & susannah

“happy today” written by susannah blinkoff & john ballinger; produced by john ballinger & susannah

“talkin’ to myself” written by susannah blinkoff, produced by david sutton

all songs mixed (and remixed) by andy hay, photo by julie hasse