Girl Gone Wilder

Video highlights from Susannah B’s new show Girl Gone Wilder, celebrating the words and music of Alec Wilder.

Recorded live at the Gardenia in West Hollywood in May 2017.

Musicians are: John Boswell (piano), John Ballinger (bass guitar/clarinet), and Scott Breadman (drums/percussion).

Girl Gone Wilder is a show written and conceived by Susannah B. Musical Director is John Boswell.

Susannah B has the sensibility of a jazz singer who can swing with the beat and move with the melody — the awareness of Anita O’Day with the heart of Mabel Mercer. In “Girl Gone Wilder!”, an original concept-showcase of the works of Alec Wilder, Susannah B explores the music and the man with abandon, listening like a lover, without judgement. Her magic is so finely’s sonic voyeurism. We see, feel, taste and touch the intimacy in their work together -- and it’s because she’s taken the time to get to know who Wilder was. Susannah weaves bits of his personal story in between the music with sincerity and compassion, and it’s the excitement of allowing Alec Wilder to just be that makes seeing this show so delicious.

— Kevin Colter, Jazz Journeys (March, 2017)